The List

Aka the Life List, this is my ever-growing list of things I want to achieve (with the things I’ve done crossed off).

1.       Scan all books into LibraryThing

2.       Keep LibraryThing updated with new books I buy

3.       Do the 100 book challenge each year

4.       Organise all digital photos so they are searchable and easily browsable

5.       Print the best of them

6.       Put them into albums or scrapbooks

7.       Show Mimi & Pela my yearbooks & prom photos

8.       Get new batteries for watches

9.       Rescue stuff from Mum & Dad’s storage

10.   Watch more ice skating

11.   Go to the figure skating Nationals in Sheffield with Hannah in 2012

12.   Try to learn a bit more Italian

13.   Volunteer at the greyhound rescue

14.   Adopt a greyhound

15.   Visit Stonehenge

16.   Visit Stonehenge at midsummer

17.   Drink less caffeine

18.   Drink more tea

19.   Ice skate

20.   Roller skate

21.   Watch roller derby

22.   Start a regular savings account

23.   Knit, crochet or both an entire blanket

24.   Knit something from a pattern

25.   Crochet something from a pattern

26.   Keep track of knit & crochet projects on Ravelry

27.   Knit two squares for Nikki’s baby blanket

28.   Buy more socks

29.   Never wear a matching pair of socks

30.   Find some driftwood and make a necklace hanger

31.   Make an emergency kit of makeup/deodorant/wipes/perfume

32.   Keep kit in glovebox

33.   Keep gloves in glovebox

34.   Put a tune I like on my phone and set it as my ringtone

35.   Get a fringe

36.   Learn to shoot portraits

37.   Carry a notebook and pen all the time

38.   Keep handbags empty and ready for use

39.   Remember to switch extractor fan on in kitchen

40.   And in bathroom

41.   Start a five year diary on my 25th birthday

42.   Keep it up, a line or two a day, till my 30th birthday

43.   Photograph dolls – studio, location etc

44.   Build a model yard

45.   Photograph it & its inhabitants

46.   Write, choreograph & photograph photo stories in it

47.   Do a rally one year (R2R September 2011)

48.   Complete a business plan

49.   Do a photography course (or holiday with Caitlin)

50.   Contribute to Enchanted Ceiling (or start my own photo notebooks)

51.   Stop feeling guilty about taking time off work when I’m ill

52.   Complete a 52 project

53.   Complete a 365 project

54.   Challenge Chloe to an Etsy uploading stint – one item a day for a month

55.   Start a craft collective (Etc 2011)

56.   Buy a shop or start one

57.   Collect quotes for bookshelves

58.   Collect quotes for kitchen (tea & coffee for near kettle, chocolate & cakes for fridge)

59.   Keep my Amazon wishlist up to date

60.   Make my parents dinner at my own house

61.   Make a honeycomb smash cheesecake

62.   Actually, make any cheesecake without freaking out about the cheese that’s in it

63.   Catalogue my horses

64.   Use some of my many unused notebooks

65.   Stop buying notebooks till I’ve completed #64

66.   Make my life-in-pictures scrapbook I was meant to do for my 18th, and then for my 21st birthday

67.   Go on that photographic round-Britain road trip in Poppy

68.   Buy a campervan with friends

69.   Go to a music festival

70.   Send more letters (2011, mostly to Dan and Chloe)

71.   List things regularly on Etsy

72.   Make Ducking Fabulous something to be proud of

73.   eBay the dresses & shoes and general stuff I’m never going to use

74.   Customise furniture for my next home (2011)

75.   Update my address book properly

76.   Get addresses from all those people I really like but only have mobile numbers or
email addresses for

77.   Go through business cards I’ve picked up, keep details of the ones I like, ditch the ones I don’t

78.   Have a networking address book and a personal address book

79.   Sort out and streamline my filofax (i.e. get rid of bits of paper weekly)

80.   Drink more water

81.   Exercise/swim more (or walk greyhounds!) (Skating with Jess 2011)

82.   Hold crafting Sundays (various in 2011)

83.   Keep up with friends from the library (managed so far in 2011)

84.   Have a handmade Christmas – cards, gifts, decorations

85.   Remember everyone’s birthday and anniversary for an entire year

86.   Write more thank you notes

87.   Host Christmas at my house

88.   Own a Christmas tree & decorations of my own

89.   Go on holiday by myself

90.   Make lists of things (that make me happy, that I couldn’t live without, that I love to eat, that I love etc) to boost those down days

91.   Read all my books

92.   Use my Wii more

93.   Use my gym membership more (did for a while, then got a new job and let it expire)

94.   Get to know my local area better

95.   Take a cupcake decorating class

96.   Finish reading WoT when the final book comes out

97.   Re-read the entire WoT sequence

98.   Attempt to buy a boxed set

99.   Find another fantasy series to obsess over

100.   Plan where I’m going to put stuff before I move into next flat (2011)

101.  Organise new flat beautifully & unusually (2011)

102.   Decorate new flat craftily (2011, sort of in progress)

103.   Have a separate room/studio for horses & crafting (2011)

104.   Make & maintain a recipe folder

105.  Get some of my own photos printed & on the wall

106.  Make a photo book

107.  Re-learn how to use Photoshop (2011)

108.  Get Photoshop to work with Windows 7 (2011)

109.  Go on a proofreading/copyediting course

110.  Buy more handmade things

111.  Buy more locally produced things

112.  Keep up my blogs (DF and AL dependent on circumstance) (2010 and 2011)

113.  Have a wall full of things my friends have drawn and a wall full of photos of my family

114.  Use my bike to commute

115.  Take my dog to work (when I have a dog)

116.  Visit a new age shop without feeling self conscious

117.  Go to New York and stay in the Library Hotel

118.  Buy and use an IJoyRide or similar (August 2011)

119.  Dance again

120.  Visit Fiji

121.  Write a letter to my teenage self

122.  Write a letter to myself to open in ten years

123.  Leave a note in a book for someone to find

124.  Have something published

125.  Go on a cruise

126.  Go skinny dipping

127. Write a book

128. See a drive-in movie

129. Make a wish at 11.11 on 11/11/11

130. See Vegas

131.  Live on my own (from August 2011)

132.  Find a four leaf clover

133.  Find out my blood type

134.  Have a themed party

135.  Start building my cocktail cabinet contents (small, but started, 2011)

136.  Go to Ikea (with Lizzy, August 2011)

137.  Design & name a cocktail

138.  Plant my own herb garden

139.  Make beautifully decorated cookies

140.  Go on holiday western riding on a ranch

141.   Go horseriding on the beach (Devon, during uni)

142.   Own a convertible sports car (Poppy, December 2009)

143.   Appear in a magazine (Japanese Performance, December 2010)

144.   Frame all the art & photos I’ve bought over the years and put them on the wall

145.   Watch the whole Harry Potter series on film

146.   Buy the whole Harry Potter series on film

147.   Make a will

148.   Drive on a racetrack (sort of, if Longcross counts)

149.   Host a reunion

150.   Have a housewarming (mini impromptu one with Fred St girlies, September 2011)

151.   Ditch old receipts, bank statements, etc (October 2011)

152.   Get and use an electric toothbrush

153.   Put minicab numbers for Colchester in my phone

154.   And Chelmsford

155.   And Witham

156.   And Maldon

157.   And Reading

158.   Put screwdrivers back in man drawer

159.   Buy blu tac for man drawer

160.   Screw the loose visor on the MR2 (2011, and glued it too)

161.    Go to the cinema more

162.    Take more photos

163.    Organise my flickr account

164.    Buy old typewriter to display with old Singer sewing machine (entirely accidentally, two of them, July 2011)

165.    Use old Singer sewing machine

166.  Email Singer to find out provenance of machine

167.  Obtain a new sewing machine. That works.

168.  Get a subscription to a magazine – Cloth, 2012

169.  Get something I’ve made featured in a magazine

170. Actually use my cookbooks – started to at the end of 2011/start of 2012 at Rob’s

171.  Do some crafts for the Craft Experiment

172.  Obtain a vase or two

173.  Get the silk flowers for my room I’ve been hankering after since before we moved in (sort of, I have silk flowers in living room but not yet in my bedroom)

174.  Freecycle

175.  Clean the oven

176. Hoover more often (2011 – much easier now I have my Dyson back)

177. Label all my folders of stuff

178. Put magazines in magazine files, in order, on bookshelf (August 2011)

179. Buy new bookshelves (or freecycle some)

180. Get checked winter coat fixed (late 2010)

181.  Go to more vintage sales

182.  Reclaim DVDs

183.  Reclaim USB  stick

184.  Buy envelopes

185.  Use pretty stationery as often as possible

186.  Get scanner to work with Windows 7 (2010, just)

187.  Change my address to my own for banks, mailshots, doctors, etc

188.  Register with a dentist

189.  Get a checkup

190.  Go to a WI or WI Girls meeting

191.   Buy a waterproof MP3 player

192.   Expand fabric stash

193.   Keep jars around the house with colourful things in them – buttons, ribbons, paperclips, elastic bands, flowers

194.   Sleep on big purchases

195.   Stop impulse buying small things

196.   Be more tolerant of others’ ideals

197.   Be prepared to justify life choices to other people, because they will ask and not understand

198.   Play more board games

199.   Exfoliate, moisturise & tan more often

200.  Learn more about herbs

201.   Learn the phases of the moon

202.   Use UV pen to mark valuables

203.   Increase traffic to website & blogs

204.   Keep website & blogs updated

205.   Sew all hems, loose straps, rips etc on clothes

206.   Buy a new lens for the Canon (2010, 55-200mm)

207.   Use the camera more

208.   Photograph ballerinas

209.   Put tissues in every room

210.   Put pens in every room

211.    Keep a notepad by the phone

212.    Use the slow cooker more (much more from March 2011)

213.    At New Year, transfer birthdays etc to the next year’s calendar

214.    Make Alice-in-Wonderland themed necklace

215.    Make a steampunk costume

216.    Make more jewellery for myself

217.    Write down plans for funeral, put somewhere safe/leave with Ken

218.    Investigate laser hair removal

219.    Depilate more often

220.   Put phone photos on computer (trying to do this more regularly now I’ve worked out how)

221.    Clean fountain pen

222.    Use fountain pen (if the disposable ones count… still need to use my proper one more)

223.    Put useful information on the mirror-noticeboard

224.    Get the car cleaned every month

225.    Modify the MR2 – debadging, spoiler, style bar

226.    Meet up with old friends (Susie, Claire, Sammi, Wendy)

227.    Make a feature wall in a room

228.    Eat more fish

229.    Go to bed earlier at least twice a week

230.    Organise bookshelves so I can find books

231.     Actually read saved articles from newspapers & magazines

232.     Finally sort out my portfolio from the telegraph and chuck all the bits I don’t need

233.     Frame the London/Lebanon puff with the date

234.     Listen to a podcast on any subject

235.    Resubscribe to the Anaheim Ballet video podcast

236.    Visit Scotland

237.    Visit Ireland

238.    Go to Krakow in summer

239.    Change filter in the Dyson

240.    Customise chairs

241.     Buy serving spoons

242.     Replace all kitchenware with non stick pans

243.     Buy a decent amount of teaspoons

244.     Clean all mugs with tea/coffee stains. If the stains won’t come out, chuck them, no matter how sentimental.

245.     Get a bread bin

246.      And tea/coffee/sugar/hot chocolate canisters

247.      Keep sweetener in the house for visitors

248.      Install and use skype

249.      Send post to previous tenants

250.      Put Ducking Fabulous receipts in order and on Excel

251.       Don’t add up totals on that spreadsheet

252.       Keep a stock of birthday, anniversary, get well soon, new house, new job etc cards

253.       Start a present box or drawer (it’s a cupboard, but same difference)

254.       Buy things throughout the year when they’ll suit people

255.       Keep list of what I’ve given who which year

256.       Keep list of who’s given me what which year

257.       Learn to make Gran’s chicken pasta

258.       Come up with a signature dish for unexpected guests & impromptu dinner parties

259.       Get better at cooking veggie food

260.       Keep a supply of new razor blades

261.        Keep spare new toothbrushes & a tube of toothpaste in the bathroom

262.        Read some classics/the sparknotes to the classics

263.        Be ready to recommend books from the genres I like

264.        Buy a set of decent kitchen knives and another sharpener

265.        Have a properly stocked & labelled spice rack

266.        Get a cordless landline phone

267.        Take own bags shopping

268.        Take some costumed self-portraits

269.        Learn to shoot in a studio and on location

270.       Get a flash that works TTL with my Canon

271.         Try TTV photography

272.        Shoot with film on the Zenit

273.        Find time to go riding

274.        Go to the theatre more

275.         Take Louise to a musical

276.         See Legally Blonde, the musical

277.         Get a job that enables me to live on my own, run the MR2, have a social life and save a bit (2011, apart from the saving part!)

278.         Get to some more live shows

279.          Get to some more ROC meets (CAE 2011, Ding Day 2011)

280.         Organise my craft stuff into some sort of cupboard/shelving system

281.         Create an alter-ego who is more vintage, pin up, steampunk than me (That’d be Lotta then…)

281a.       Incorporate her behaviour and looks into my own life

282.         Stop being so scared and try altered art – books, ATCs, etc… (one altered book to date. More added to bottom of the list)

283.         Have champagne bottle vases (in my living room!)

284.         Get shoes & boots re-heeled

285.         Buy shoe polish

286.        Get typewriters to work (well, one of them does, it’s not bad going!)

287.        Go to the ballet

288.        Open a vintage/handmade shop

289.         Do a course in something, or learn a new skill

290.        Make things from the magazines and books I own

291.        Have confidence in my own abilities.

292.        Trim my own hair

293.        Go to a vintage event

294.        Drive a classic car

295.        Rollerskate in Hyde Park

296.        Watch burlesque (at the Fling 2010 and 2011)

297.        Go to an actual burlesque show

298.        Go extreme ironing (in various countries, September 2011)

299.        Create & maintain a facebook fan page for one of my many projects

300.        Sew my own clothes

301.        Paint my nails more often

302.        Get my hair cut and styled more often

303.        Remember to schedule in quiet weekends, to actually breathe once in a while

304.        File all my paperwork in a proper filing cabinet

305.        Eat less chocolate

306.        Horse ride in Hyde Park

307.        Go to a trade fair (Autumn Fair 2010, but would like to do another one)

308.        Register self-employed (be doing something that warrants this first)

309.        Make some money from doing something outside the day job

310.        Meet other bloggers

311.        Participate in more internet swaps (Curiosity Project October 2011, A Curious Christmas December 2011)

312.        Postcard Project

313.        Customise some more shoes

314.        Create R2R artwork with map, bits from Rusty and photos

315.        Get it framed and hang it in the living room

316.        Make a rally folder with tweets, blogs and other stuff

317.        Attend a business networking event

318.        Change air filter on the MR2

319.        Replace light bulb in hallway

320.        Buy corsets (2 so far, although can’t imagine they’ll be the last!)

321.        Wear a corset during a normal day

322.        Post photos to other rally teams

323.        Sew buttons onto all my clothes that have lost them

324.        Own a Vivien of Holloway dress

325.        Create more altered art

326.       Plan and do an Irish rally

327.      Buy a tablet/netbook for blogging on the go

328.      Watch Cars properly, and then Cars 2

329.      Watch the other Narnia films

330.      Watch the rest of the Northern Lights films

331.       Watch Swallows and Amazons on film when it comes out