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This week…

I have been mostly moving my flat around, and not blogging as much as I should have been. This evening I intend to rectify that, but for now a quick text-only update will have to do. I’m converting my housemate’s old room into a studio and moving the whole of the rest of the flat around as I go, so it feels different and I don’t miss her so much. Also means I can have lots more of my random stuff on display :)

Today I have discovered I would win hands-down if extreme sleeping was a sport, I can sleep anywhere, any time, under any circumstances. Which is a welcome return to normality after close to four years of insomnia and being unable to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. I still wake frequently in the night but the quality of my sleep is better (and having this week off work, I’m determined to make the most of being able to lie in in the mornings instead of having to get up at half five!)

This morning I have replied epically to two emails I should have replied to ages ago, which is good… I’ve also kicked into full-on panic mode about the rally. We need to book hotels, but we don’t yet have the route. Some of the other teams have booked some, but I’m still not certain which days we’re meant to be in which country, let alone which town, and I don’t want us to be antisocial and be staying miles and miles from where everyone/anyone else is staying. Quite apart from the fact that the closer we are to the action, the more likely we are to not miss the start every day (you’re looking at Miss Extreme Sleeper 2011, don’t forget!).

Then there’s the actual room booking, I need to make sure it’s ok to share rooms, try and work out where everyone else is going to be and book the bloody ferry as well… aaargghhh. Think maybe my best bet is to get it all prepared and then we can make final decisions as a team at the weekend, and I’ll book everything then.

Last minute much?! It’s an adventure… it will be fun! (No, it actually will be, I’m just a bit flappy at the moment, there’s so much to do and I’m scared of doing stuff wrong as it’s my first rally and I have no clue how stuff works really. Still have creative blank on the tshirt too although if I get a chance this afternoon/evening I’ll have a play with the steampunk stuff that occurred to me late last night. Rust and clockwork and glitter, oh my….)

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Rally planning…

With less than a month to go, we’ve both suddenly kicked into panic gear. For those of you uninitiated into the wonderful world of banger rallying, here’s the StreetSafari link which will tell you all about it…


There’s lots of lovely clickable links on there too, should you fancy delving further.


So… banger rally. This one’s to Romania, starting in Calais, in the first week of September this year. When I met Rob he was doing a UK one (Lands End to John O’Groats) and I thought it sounded like so much fun I told him to call me if he ever needed team mates. I was not expecting the call, six months later, to ask if I fancied doing this one!

However, I thought it sounded bloody brilliant and signed up on the spot. We had a weekend of preliminary planning in May, and then have been flat out busy with work and stuff so haven’t given it any more practical thought. After CAE we realised we needed to get a wriggle on, so Rob duly bought a car the following week for us to rat. Here she is, the affectionately named Slag-una…


(Photo courtesy of Rob, I haven’t actually seen the car in person yet)


Yeah… she’s in such good nick it’s almost a shame we’re going to rat her! The theme of the rally is Rat Look, so we’re looking to make her along the lines of this, ideally…

rat look beetle

(photo from http://www.ratroduniverseblog.com/?p=354)


Rob’s servicing the Laguna this weekend, and starting on the paint stripping – I’m on the hunt for roof racks, tricycles, random crap to bolt onto it and cameras to film the trip. Keep an eye on this blog – updates will follow :) (and I’m intending to blog the trip day-by-day while we’re out there, too).


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