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Things that make me happy Thursday – bumper edition

Missed last week again, so here’s a bumper list of some of the things that have made me smile in the last couple of weeks :)

Buying a box of tissues that looks like it’s been cable knitted. Impressed, Kleenex, it’s an improvement on pastel colours.

Christmas cards, tags and wrapping paper – so festive!

Sunshine unexpectedly in the middle of a spectacularly dreary day


My gorgeous swap from Ann, and how pleased she was with what I sent too

A parcel from Chloewoo

the Curious Christmas Curiosity Box – sending, receiving and my recipient getting in touch with me – I completely adore the project and will be continuing to do it for as long as it runs! Here’s the one I sent and here’s the one I received

Seeing a man carrying an antique globe on the train

Going to see my friend Caroline’s choir singing in a carol service in London

Sparkly eyeshadows and wearing glitter in the day

Christmas earrings – Mum and I love them!

Finding out my friend Wendy is moving home from Germany for good in September – so excited!

Excitement about Mum & Dad’s new flat, they’ve been choosing colours and things for it

Lovely Cat passed all her accountancy exams

Dinner with uni girlies where we all swapped business cards – it’s like we’re real adults or something!

Seeing a man walking around Selfridges in just his boxers – was hilarious!

A gorgeous weekend with Julia

Buying and putting up Christmas decorations

Fresh bursts of inspiration for Teasets to Typewriters – 2012 is going to be my year

Making lists and being able to cross stuff off them

Making New Year’s resolutions

Wearing glittery shoes

Randomly meeting Caitlin on Tuesday

Having dinner with Lou tonight :)


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Things that make me happy Thursdays

A random selection this week… it’s been an odd sort of week but there have still been things to smile about!

  • Today is Lizzy’s 21st. Squee! Happy birthday chica! Cocktails tomorrow… and blue hair!
  • Corsets – I love them! Hoping to order a couple for the Fling and Heather’s wedding
  • lying in the sun on the floor at lunchtime, making notes and not caring what people think
  • being super-inspired for all my different projects and making tonnes of plans
  • BBQing in the rain for my Gran’s 82nd birthday
  • Rollerskating… I can still do it! Eeeeee! And flying round the rink is definitely one of the best feelings in the world
  • 2 new members for etc – and it’s only our first exhibition! now planning lots of other things to do with it
  • dinner with an old friend who now lives abroad – these catchups are glorious but all too rare
  • seeing my advert published in an email *pic*
  • my housemate finishing an assignment, thus giving us an excuse to go out for dinner
  • the Fling is coming…
  • hunting for cars for the rally – found a Golf which would be awesome
  • have survived the day job for three months this week
  • as mentioned in a previous post, the clientsfromhell.net and damnyouautocorrect websites – so much inappropriate but much-needed laughter!
  • a girl on the tube this morning wearing the MOST gorgeous vintage lace dress, with her hair in victory rolls, bright red lipstick and carrying a parasol. I wanted to be her!!
  • My blackbird popped up on my way to work this morning too – I thought he’d abandoned me since the rain arrived!
  • My friends are amazing – able to improve my mood even if I’ve had the day from hell and am all emotional and rubbish. I obviously know this anyway, but it’s wonderful to be reminded.


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Things That Make Me Happy Thursdays (part 1)

Stupidly late this week, and in two parts – here are some of the things that made me smile this week :)

  • making a lady’s day by telling her (truthfully) her dress looked fab on her
  • crocheting in a golf club!
  • the entirely unexpected beauty of the Pitt-Rivers & Natural History museum in Oxford

Just look at that ceiling.

  • the white rabbit in the Alice display at the aforementioned museum – I’m not usually a fan of stuffed real animals, but this little guy made me giggle

“I’m late! I’m late!”

  • Mollie Makes magazine – I treated myself to the first issue after a particularly tough day at work and it transformed my journey home into an hour of pure happiness!
  • Visiting my old school briefly, and realising just how far I’ve come since those days
  • Strawberries and Cornish clotted cream. In individual portions. In the Tesco next door to my day job. Win.


Lunchtimes don’t get any better than this.

Part two on Tuesday (yes, I know, that’s more than halfway to NEXT Thursday) when I’ve had a chance to get the pics off my phone – I’m using it as a photographic notebook more and more these days!

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Things That Make Me Happy Thursday

I’ve been drafting these posts for months now and never get round to posting them… I’ve noticed there are lots of things in my life that make me smile or make me happy. Some are big and some are really small, and I thought it would be lovely to record and share them each week. (Actually, at the rate I’m going, it might be the only post that gets written every week but hey, one step at a time!)

So, this week…

  • Roof down, loud music, sunshiney driving – with someone else in the car! (I usually prefer to drive alone)
  • The blackbirds I see most mornings on my walk to the station
  • Teaching myself (with Naomi in my head) how to crochet flowers
  • Getting up at daft o’clock on the bank holiday to watch and photograph the sunrise on the beach
  • Relaxing, really relaxing, for the first time in months, away for the weekend with my girlies
  • My spotty skirt
  • Wearing bows, flowers and ribbons in my hair at work
  • Half price Easter eggs everywhere
  • Vintage treasures from a car boot
  • My gorgeous necklace from Normal for Norfolk
  • Sandcastles and beach silliness with some of my favourite girlies


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