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Southern Belle Road Trip day 2 & 3 (Bell reception at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and launch of 525 Relentless)










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Southern Belle Road Trip day 1 – it’s five o clock somewhere!

Writing this post on the plane, strangely… Have discovered a wonderful thing called ‘airplane mode’ which means I can use my technology on board, which is rather lovely!

Up at daft o clock and in trying not to fall over on the ice outside, I forgot to take a photo of our suitcases :( I did however make it in one piece to mum and dad’s in poppy last night (it was a bit hairy and involved a lot of sliding sideways, mind you…)

Arrived at the airport (Heathrow – no idea why autocorrect just turned that into Athens :s), sorted out some niggles with the car parking, and went airside for breakfast. I was massively impressed by Wetherspoons’ pretty plates…


Then some speed-shopping round the duty free for chocolate and perfume – all the essentials :p I could happily have bankrupted myself on cosmetics but had already decided to ignore them and save myself for America’s beauty emporia and drugstores. And hell, Walmart too – I’m after stuff I can’t buy (or buy easily) at home.

Mum and Dad rather wonderfully distracted me from my sudden nerves at take-off, Mum by modelling the headphones and giving us the giggles!


And now I’m ensconced in my seat, Manic Street Preachers and some rather good country music on my in-flight entertainment playlist (I must get myself an mp3 player…) writing this post and about to settle into reading the Peach Keeper.


And yes, that is brandy and coke. It might be 11.30am here but it’s five o clock somewhere….

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My 18th birthday invitation…

I found this during a sort out of some old stuff of mine. Had almost forgotten I’d made invitations for it! My 18th celebration was an Ann Summers party with my girls and this was what they received in the post…


The back is handwritten but made me smile – I turned 18 in 2004. Doesn’t seem so very long ago…

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still coming back down to earth

I’m very much back to reality with a bump, work is mad (it’s the middle of our grad week and there’s loads to catch up on from when I was away) but oh, I’m still struggling with the post-rally blues.

May attempt to relieve this with some skating at the weekend, it’s been much too long and I reckon flying round a rink at speed might lift my spirits somewhat.

I have a lovely friend staying with me till Friday, a big work event on Friday and my girlies coming up for the weekend, plus some freelance design work that has a deadline of Monday, so I might be a tad absent over the next few days but I’m sure they’ll help me deal with my blues.

I have had some lovely texts and fb messages which have made me smile muchly since I’ve been home and I know I’m very lucky to have such a lovely life filled with such fabulous people… But I still miss Rusty, and Rob, and the two teams we spent so much time with who are still touring Europe. Haha, maybe it’s just a touch of jealousy…

On the plus side, it’s given me a new lease of extremely sparkly life and I have many exciting things in store. Just trying to get some kind of routine back and then I will be blogging regularly again :)

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