2013 Things

Ducking Fabulous/Etc Collective

Finish the overhaul and transfer of the site

Add to Etsy shop

Etsy teams

Create an e-course

Look at more stockists

POS info for current stockists

Press kit

Pop up shops (pop up Britain)

Craft meetups, Google hangouts, kit

Facebook group for Etc

Attend more fairs


Pin up photography, boudoir photography, dance photography

Ballet, lindyhop/jive classes or tasters

Themed events – go to some, maybe hold some

Add elements of steampunk, goth, burlesque, etc to my wardrobe

Live at a slower, more observant pace

Start a savings account

Learn to use studio equipment

Book a studio for a shoot

Esc meets and Facebook group

Start researching houses and dogs

Travel: Ireland, Berlin, Lake District, Cornwall, Brighton

Make bread

Ride a unicorn

Goodwood Revival

Off camera flash

Backup strategy for data

Video diaries

Attempt 100 books challenge again

Be more mindful of my health
Burlesque/Project Pin Up/The London Pin Up School

Paper Dolls – formation, choreography, performance, photography, website

Go to live burlesque

Watch some of the classic films

Pin up calendar shoot

Weekend away with the Paper Dolls

False eyelashes and glittery lips

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