First run!

Well, I call it a run – I intended for it to be a walk, but felt so good when I was out there that I jogged a fair way too. Which for someone who hasn’t done very much in the way of structured exercise since I stopped riding a couple of years ago, is not bad going!

It’s not exactly a 5k, but I said I was going to make small changes, and actually pushing myself out of the house on a frosty winter evening instead of curling up in bed with a magazine as I had planned is something I’m very proud of! (and I have no intention of running a 5k ever!)

Stats? Haven’t a clue – went from my house, down to Asda, across the roundabouts, over the railway bridge and back up the other side. I’ll try and work it out but I reckon maybe just over a mile?

Here’s the route I took, using the brilliant (and newly found) to plot it:

First one!

First one!


I definitely need some more sensible clothes though – my jogging bottoms are too short and my trainers are not built for running – I’ll have to dig out my old ones and/or buy new ones in the States maybe!



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9 responses to “First run!

  1. Good job with the run


  2. Craftyguider

    Congratulations! I hate running as i feel a right wally doing it for a start! Keep up the excellent work.

  3. kirosl

    Well done for motivating yourself. 5km is really not so far, you know – very achievable! When I came back from travelling in May my first jog was only 1.92km. I keep records of all my runs :-) I use walkrunjog too. I upped the milage very slowly, running 2-4 times a week and was running 5km two months later.
    And on that note, I’m just off to jog in Richmond Park :-)

    • Ooh that’s encouraging :) I hadn’t intended to start running but I suspect I’ll end up waffling on here every time I go, just from pure surprise! Very impressed by your 5k running – how was Richmond Park? x

      • kirosl

        Lovely as always – I ran past a herd of fallow deer, saw parakeets and a woodpecker and a small dachsund on wheels :-)

      • Jealous! I will possibly run past Asda and Big Yellow storage this week if I’m lucky. Roll on summer when the country park is open!

  4. Thanks for mentioning us, Carla! Congrats on your first run! I see you created your route as a guest. If you create an account, you can track your progress (for free) using the training diaries! Let us know if you need any help getting started! Keep running!

    -The WalkJogRun Team

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