Lots of lovely Moleskines

Sadly not mine… But i spent much of yesterday packing 100 of these custom-embossed lovelies into envelopes ready for a promotional mailout…


They came in such lovely packages too… I adore brown paper and stamps!


And here is the top of the envelope pile… You can just see the Moleskines peeping out!


Moleskine Press (moleskinepress.co.uk), who I found entirely by accident, have been fab – accommodating to our needs and deadline, and last minute changes.. and the quality is lovely. Their story is on their website…  They rescued some old printing presses and are using them for customising Moleskines… I think it’s wonderful, bringing them back to life.



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5 responses to “Lots of lovely Moleskines

  1. Oh, gosh, how I would have loved being one of those recipients…

  2. That’s a fascinating site and business you used. As a child I remember watching the local newspaperman working his linotype – I remember his hands were so callused he could handle the hot lead type while it was still very hot.

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