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My week in pictures – 22-29 January

I ate a lot of this (new Cadburys Dairy Milk Bubbly – looks cool but buggered the healthy eating up somewhat:



Kim made my week much better by giving me these beauties, which I proceeded to wear around the office for a couple of days:


We ordered some mystery shop flowers at work and I got to take one of the bouquets home, here they are in my living room looking lovely:


And I managed to buy and start reading the latest issue of Mollie Makes – full of inspiration as always:


So the lovely bits made up for the madness and late nights caused by the day job :)

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Photos to go with my previous post – apologies!



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Mood boards (with photos this time)

Apologies for double post, WordPress ate my photos!

I got home about 9pm yesterday, but as I’d rather sneakily eaten on my way home, I had a bit of time to spare before bed. I was attempting to be domestic and do my filing when i came across my box of snippets and pictures from magazines… So I started making moodboards instead :)

Attempt three for photos…

There’s one for style I love and would like to emulate (top), one for bigger inspiration images I like for various reasons (bottom) and one which will end up more a collage of small snippets.

It was wonderfully relaxing to spend an hour or so with the pritt stick out!

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Oops, fell off the healthy wagon

So i was doing sort of ok with the healthy thing… Haven’t managed another run yet, but have done lots of walking in the days and have been on the ijoyride.

Until today, when i met Val for lunch and had pie and mash, and then the trains were shocking on the way home and i was already late from work and picking up some tap covers for my parents, so got McDonalds and ate it on the way, and tomorrow when I have a play to get to so will be having fast food on the train again. Oops.

However, as I’m still on said train I’m not going to beat myself up about it, small steps are the way forward and I’m definitely starting to make small changes. Stairs at work, less chocolate, less Pepsi max…

On the sanity front, I have managed to do housework and craft this week too… At the expense of phoning people, but sometimes I really do just want to go to bed with cross stitch.

Work is completely mad and the days are flying past…  Sad news of the week is that Rob is no longer adopting my family’s cat – my uncle decided he actually liked Shadow and wanted him to stay. Also had a pesty letter from the doctor which I won’t elaborate on but will be keeping an eye on :s

So there we are, a not very interesting round up of my week so far to pass the time while I wait for this train to eventually get me home… Hope yours are more exciting, dear readers!

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This weekend I mostly…

Watched: Neverwhere the play and Otto the puppy

Read: craft books

Listened to: my friends laughing

Ate: an absolutely stupid amount of chocolate, curry and twiglets

Drank: wine (but not from Atlantis, sadly)

It was completely gorgeous but almost completely photo-free… The only thing I do have is this rather lovely set of Otto.


Long dog is long...


srsly?! I was snoozing!


centre of attention during Articulate


with Auntie Sar (he belongs to her twin sister and her husband)

But lack of photos aside, it was wonderful to be back in Berkshire for a bit and to see everyone. Neverwhere was amazing and I’m muchly proud of Lou for putting so much love, talent and effort into the costumes. Kelly was fab as Lamia and I even found a previously unknown coincidence with a friend on Twitter with whom I share a hometown (and we’re both ex-librarians).

Back to the real world today… I was as unimpressed as Richard Mayhew.

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London at Lunchtime – Hotel Chocolat sample box arrived at work


I’ve had worse tasks than testing these to see if they’re ok to send to clients!


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First run!

Well, I call it a run – I intended for it to be a walk, but felt so good when I was out there that I jogged a fair way too. Which for someone who hasn’t done very much in the way of structured exercise since I stopped riding a couple of years ago, is not bad going!

It’s not exactly a 5k, but I said I was going to make small changes, and actually pushing myself out of the house on a frosty winter evening instead of curling up in bed with a magazine as I had planned is something I’m very proud of! (and I have no intention of running a 5k ever!)

Stats? Haven’t a clue – went from my house, down to Asda, across the roundabouts, over the railway bridge and back up the other side. I’ll try and work it out but I reckon maybe just over a mile?

Here’s the route I took, using the brilliant (and newly found) to plot it:

First one!

First one!


I definitely need some more sensible clothes though – my jogging bottoms are too short and my trainers are not built for running – I’ll have to dig out my old ones and/or buy new ones in the States maybe!


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Skating love

Stupidly excited to discover that Rollerworld in Colchester, where I usually skate (when I skate indoors) was used in a Boogie Pimps video of a song I actually recognise!

Doesn’t it look awesome? Here’s my other favourite skating inspiration music video…

Fresh inspiration to find some lessons and practice, practice, practice… I WILL be that good! :)


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And we start again.

Now, I’m not usually one for diets, as I love my figure. However, I have a bridesmaid’s dress to get into in July, and several things between now and then that require more stamina and fitness than I currently have. I’ve been wanting to improve my fitness for a while, so hoping that by doing that I’ll automatically shift a few pounds (ok, quite a lot of pounds) and look amazing in the dress almost by accident.

Yeah, right.

But seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve actively tried to be healthy about eating – I use the excuse (and it is an excuse) of working in London and being busy and blah blah blah… yes, I’m out of the house for 14 hours a day and yes, I often can’t be bothered to cook when I get in because I’m exhausted. I also have issues with portion size – if it’s normal time, I eat normal portions. If I get home from work late, by the time I’ve cooked I’m so hungry I just inhale the food without even really tasting it, and I eat far too much because I’m so hungry I don’t wait to find out if I’m full or not.

I also snack too much at work – which would be fine if it was on healthy stuff, but actually the amount of chocolate my floor gets through is frightening!

So. It’s freezing cold but once I’m out there I’m usually fine, so I’ve set myself the following targets:

  • Walk, run (not yet… I’m building up to this) or rollerskate for at least 30 mins at a brisk pace, 2-3 times a week
  • Use the bloody iJoyRide – it sits in my living room and it requires just fifteen minutes for one setting. It tones your legs and stomach, and your arms too if you’re not reading a book in the process. There is NO EXCUSE for me not to be using this, especially not given how long I wanted one for.
  • Cut down on the chocolate and the Pepsi Max. If I could make myself come off the caffeinated fizzy drinks altogether I would – I think I’d notice an instant reduction in waistline from the lack of bloating! I’m not suggesting cutting chocolate out as I know from bitter experience that just makes me crave it.
  • Stretch. I used to be a dancer, ergo I used to be really flexible. I’m not entirely sure when that stopped being the case, but I’m determined to get it back.
  • Use the slow cooker. I bought one for a reason – with planning, there’s no reason why dinner can’t be ready ten minutes (twenty at the most) after walking through the door – this is much healthier than trying to cook at 9pm and getting stressed because I’m overtired, or grabbing fast food on the way home because I’m anticipating cooking and can’t be bothered.
  • Cook properly whenever possible. As I (re)discovered over New Year, I actually really like cooking – I just need time and space to do it properly. So when I have a weekend off (i.e. not dashing madly around the countryside visiting people or doing stuff) – I’m going to cook!

I think all of these are achievable, although if any of you lovely lot who follow me on Twitter are reading this, I’d massively appreciate the odd guilt-trip or poke to make sure I am in fact doing it. I can be very faddy, and will do something for a couple of days then crack and open the Maltesers. (Mmmmm. Maltesers. You see the problem I have?!)

I won’t check in on a particular day of the week, but I will try and post regular updates, for myself as much as anything else. My targets and incentives are my USA trip (9 February – I need to stop procrastinating!); my 26th birthday (21 February – ditto); a canal boat trip in May (I need to leap on and off of boats. That’s not even slightly going to happen at the moment) and Julia’s wedding in July. She and her bridesmaids are pretty much all a size 8, and I’m never going to match that (nor would I want to, I’d look really weird) but I’d like to have pin up curves rather than squidgy bits by then if at all possible!

So we’ll see how I do!


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My 18th birthday invitation…

I found this during a sort out of some old stuff of mine. Had almost forgotten I’d made invitations for it! My 18th celebration was an Ann Summers party with my girls and this was what they received in the post…


The back is handwritten but made me smile – I turned 18 in 2004. Doesn’t seem so very long ago…

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