2012 Things

A nice convenient place to keep my 2012 plans, hopes, dreams, wishes and ambitions :)
Reviewed 30 December 2012… a review of 2012 and 2013’s plans, goals, hopes and dreams are now up.

Personal goals

Build confidence rollerskating – do a LNFS skate before December 2012 ~ definitely got better at skating, but didn’t make it to a LNFS

Get a proper beauty routine in place, cleanse/tone/moisturise in the evenings ~ erm, total fail, I’m still disgracefully haphazard in my approach to a beauty routine

Focus on work while I’m there and my own life when I’m not – try not to let the two cross over ~ needed this for most of last year. Now not necessary!

Meal planning – for budgeting and health ~ Did this quite effectively for the stretches of time where I needed to lose weight for the wedding and when money was tight. Otherwise not so much, but this will be happening more in 2013.

Use the slow cooker for something other than the usual ~ Nope, used it a lot but not for anything unusual

Go to Spitalfields Vintage ~ Money meant this was a non-starter this year, back on the list for 2013

Goodwood Revival ~ ditto

Ireland rally (this has been replaced by canal boating, which is exciting!) ~ Canal boat trip was fabulous, would still like to do the Ireland trip even if it’s not in rally cars

Go to an enormous antiques fair/flea market ~ Nope, again money & time conspired against me. Next year!

Sort out routines during working weeks so I have time to do stuff I want to ~ Getting there with this one, though still working on consistency.

Dance class  ~ Yes! I started burlesque in 2012 (I can’t believe it’s been less than a year) and performed in October. I have many plans for more dancing in the near future

Use the ijoyride for 15 mins a day, three times a week ~ Gigglesnort, did I really think I’d do this?! It’s a rather expensive clotheshorse right now – I maybe need to revisit in 2013

Write a letter a week, most weeks (see list in notebook for people to send letters to) ~ No, but did start a stationery subscription box company instead, which I think is acceptable :)

Go to Olympia – find out when it is and book it in ~ yes! Nearly missed tickets but managed to get there on the Thursday evening and watch the puissance

Try and do Miniatura ~ I am going to remove this from my list as I’ve not yet made it up there, and replace it with ‘see Chloe’ as I haven’t for far too long and that was the main reason for it :)

Go to at least 2 ROC meets ~ CAE and… erm… didn’t do fabulously this year but did renew my acquaintance with XROC and will try to make it to every month’s meet in 2013.

Start a savings account ~ Gigglesnort, no

Learn to say no occasionally! ~ definitely got much better at doing this this year

Project Ten Pan ~ No official tracking, but have definitely tried to use up stuff before buying more. Which means I’ve just bought different stuff!

Do the Harry Potter studio tour ~ Coming next year with Jules, our schedules couldn’t fit it in before Christmas.
Creative goals

Learn a new skill, maybe on a course (sewing?) ~ Burlesque, nipple tassel making,  developed the stamping process for dominoes, and just booked onto a ukulele workshop for January, so an epic yes!

Sew a dress or skirt from a pattern for me ~ Not yet

Customise some more shoes ~ not sure how I didn’t manage this this year, but no

Sew a bag/purse/pass holder (or all three!) ~ I did make a needle book for a swap, does that count?!

Make some templates for badges ~ made lots of badges which are now waiting to go in my shop

Classes/courses – cake decorating, sewing, lighting for portraits, product photography ~ still on my wishlist

Rejuvenate the craft collective ~ started to, and hope to do a bit more in 2013

Finish Heather’s wedding present ~ oops. Maybe for their five year anniversary?!
Business goals

Learn how to photograph products well ~this is definitely improving though I think I’ll always be learning and periodically re-doing all the images in my shop

Have a stall with Louise by end of 2012 ~ we had one together at the cabaret and several others at the same time but in different locations – damn geography!

Stock and launch an Etsy shop by September 2012 ~ oooh yes, managed this!

Etsy listing challenge – Chloe/Lou? ~ moved to next year and added some more people

Ebay listing challenge – Lucy ~ I had entirely forgotten about this, and have been very bad at listing things on ebay.

Go to Autumn Fair (with Lou, parents, Chloe…) ~ totally unxpectedly, with Annastasia for our new company… which wasn’t even a twinkle in our eyes when I wrote this list. Exciting how things can happen in a year :)

Blogging/social media goals

Post more than 100 times to Ducking Fabulous over the year (roughly 2 posts a week) ~ I should be able to measure this. But suspect I didn’t get to 100… update: yes, I did, 118 posts in 2012 not counting any I do in the next day and a half.

Post at least 50 times to Project Pin Up (roughly 1 post a week) ~definitely didn’t manage this but we have started to post again

Promote DF and PPU blogs via Twitter, Facebook etc ~ little bit, not as much as I’d hoped but have definitely grown my followers and Facebook likes for DF

Find relevant blogs to follow and comment on them ~I read amazing blogs, I need to up my commenting!


Tablet for on-the-go blogging ~yes :)

Sewing machine ~ Ahem, I now own five.

25mm badge making machine ~ borrowed one and now looking at buying sometime next year

Digital subscription to Burlesque Bible, Mollie Makes and Vintage Life ~ Strange – have bought every issue of BB, you can’t subscribe. Have subscriptions to Make and Craft, Simple Things and Cloth, but not digital and not any of these…

Actual subscription to Cross Stitcher ~ I love cross stitching but I don’t do it often enough to warrant a subscription, sadly

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