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Beauty haul :)

It’s been a while since I did a beauty post! Just thought I’d do a quick roundup of some of the the beauty-related things I’ve bought or rediscovered in the last month or two. Post 1 of 2 as while I’ve been typing I’ve remembered some other stuff I should have photographed *blush*.

Here goes:

MAC lipstick in Ladybug – my favourite MAC colour, this was a Back to Mac swap (you take in 6 empties and you get a lippie free – can’t be bad!)



Urban Decay eyeshadow set, a present from the lovely Ellie a while back – I have used this but sparingly as I rarely seem to go anywhere that requires pretty eye makeup. However, now I can wear more exciting makeup to work, I foresee it getting lots more use – I LOVE Urban Decay shadows.



NYX glitter palette – bought this for my work do, for the grand total of £4, and I have to say it’s fabulous – proper review at some point, but having different glitters in a creamy/gel formula is great, means you can accent makeup on special evenings. IMG_6895


And finally (for this post at least), my brush set from Groupon. Made by Louise Walsh International, it took almost nine weeks to arrive and has a RRP of £99 (I paid £19 via Groupon including P&P). When I was trying to chase my order, I came across a few really bad reviews of the brushes’ quality when other people had received them, so I wasn’t expecting wonders. Interestingly enough, although I wasn’t impressed by the speed of delivery, the brushes are lovely – soft, a good range and easy to clean. The only thing missing is a foundation brush, but I have one of those that I don’t use that often so it’s not a problem. Here they are – have to say the roll is not the best quality but it’s easy to clean and is handy to cart them around in! IMG_6896 

So there’s a bit of my haul – still to come, my Space NK samples, some Barry M effects nail polishes, a gorgeous chunky eyeliner, creme brulee vaseline… I need to stay out of Boots!!


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Best spam comment of the month so far…

“Well macadamia nuts, how about that?”

Worthy of a Monday morning gigglesnort!

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Snippets from around my home

A little peek into my flat and the pretty things in it that make me happy.

Parts of my bookshelves – A collection of glass bottles, a couple of unicorn ornaments (the one on the right is from Poland, when we went to Krakow for a friend’s hen weekend), photos of Ellie and I and Julia and I, some ducks, a Meakin jug and my favourite thing on this shelf, an original painting by the very talented Chloe at Slightly Triangle. Plus a china duck and a western boot on the shelf above.


The bookshelf to the left (I have three across the back wall of my living room). Gil Elvgren’s pin ups take pride of place among the books, and on the top are some of my vintage treasures. Some of these were bought for Teasets to Typewriters and will form part of the stock when I eventually launch. The Whistlejacket print is not going anywhere, though!


‘Home’ applique and vintage glass candle holders adorning the top of my heater. I stitched this entirely freehand and it was the first bit of hand sewing I’d done in over a decade :)


My ‘mantelpiece’ – clearly, being a flat, I don’t have an actual one but this stands in quite well. Full of coffee table books and my vintage china. Then photos (Holly and I, Hannah, Lou and I, a framed Jane Austen quote, Ellie and I on horseback on the beach) and some vintage tins. On the top – a daylight lamp I use when I’m cross stitching, a painting I picked up in an antique shop, a photo of me and my childhood dog Tui, more glass bottles, Singer sewing machine, Rusty’s number plate, more vintage tins, a photo of the rally teams in Sibiu, candle holders and a china horse. :)


Juxtaposition of old and new – my old (but working!) landline phone and my Bluetooth headset for my mobile, which both live on my hall table.


And into my bedroom – the ballet print and pairs of pointe shoes that hang above my bed, the vertical patchwork I made last year to hang on the big blank wall above my clothes rails, and my jewellery board (next to my door, so I can grab stuff on the way out!)

IMG_6958 IMG_6959 IMG_6960


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Contrariety Rose’s Vintage Tea Party

Last weekend I traversed down to Reading (complete with Rusty’s vintage suitcase, pretty shoes and vintage-style party dresses) for a weekend with one of my best friends. She just happens to be behind Contrariety Rose (new site almost done! I’m working on the last bits!) and organised a vintage tea party for a few people while I was down there. It’s always wonderful to see Lou, but this was a specially exciting prospect after a fairly hideous week!

We went to a vintage fair at the Hexagon first (I bought a headscarf “for wearing in a sportscar”, said the lady at the stall. I couldn’t not buy it after that, could I?!) and Lou found this lovely little dress. Rachel found a beautiful 60s shift dress but I couldn’t get a photo :(


And here is Lou (first pic) and me (second pic) next to where we’d set out all the bits and pieces…IMG_6930IMG_6934

Tea party details:

IMG_6913IMG_6916 IMG_6917  IMG_6919 IMG_6920 

Cucumber hearts and lollipop sandwiches from the Vintage Tea Party Book:

IMG_6921 IMG_6918

Cakes made by Lou’s partner’s mum – a Contrariety Rose cake and lovely little sparkly fairy cakes:

IMG_6922 IMG_6923 

And the forks that made me think of the Mad Hatter’s tea party – there’s something wonderfully Alice-ish about them!


It was a fabulous afternoon, and so lovely to see all the girls – some of them I hadn’t seen since 2007, and a couple not properly since school. It was gorgeous! :D


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Things that make me happy Thursday (ahem, Friday) 9/12/11

This week, like the few before it, has been utterly insane. I haven’t had five minutes to do anything, and  being December, the number of social events has soared very suddenly. I’m also battling insomnia and really not sleeping very well, but on the plus side, there have been some lovely things that have happened :)

being called ‘endearingly odd’ by a colleague
new year plans
vintage tea party happiness
seeing old friends and making new ones
old work’s christmas do
sparkly shoes officially make days better
an email from my boss appreciating effort i’d put in
Christmas decorations, Christmas music, Christmas earrings, Christmas lights
Having Floyd as my background photo (although I miss him)
people caring whether or not I make it to CAE this year
discovering Jasmine’s back at Ancient Lights and reinstating a proper cocktail menu
Zen and cocktails with dear friends
my love story theory
seeing Mum & Dad on Wednesday evening

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Things that make me happy Thursday – 1 December 2011

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind couple of weeks, but here’s my list (one day I swear I’ll get round to writing these in advance and illustrating them with photos and things)!

  • Two days off last week and spending the long weekend with Anna – it was glorious
  • Pinterest – in among the madness at work, I’ve spent some time soothing myself with the gorgeous things people have found
  • Driving to ease my stresses – it really is better than therapy
  • donating to Movember – I’m so proud of the guys I know for growing ridiculous facial hair for charity
  • wearing cowboy boots to work
  • exploring new places
  • successfully shopping on a budget
  • making a Christmas wreath
  • finishing my Curious Christmas box
  • a lovely person suggesting a swap – I love swaps and am very excited for this one
  • candles – they’re sparkly, they smell nice and there’s something very calming about candlelight
  • twitter – my twitter mafia and other twitter friends have been so utterly lovely (not that they’re not normally) – a beacon of happy in the frankly ridiculous week i’ve just had
  • late night texting
  • a rare moment of almost silence in the Barbican tunnel – you could hear people’s footsteps, it was spooky
  • my Twifts from lovely Louise (craftyguider)
  • watching a pigeon fighting a paper bag and losing
  • seeing the start of a possible romance on a broken train, while we all waited for it to get going
  • my amazing sparkly shoes
  • and very late this evening, a visit from one of the girls who lives in the flat underneath mine – she’s really lovely and I think I have a new friend in the making! :)

And after a pig of a day, writing this post has made me smile so I can go to bed happy. This is why I love blogging :)


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