Christmas Wreaths

I know, I know, it’s only November, but I have SO much going on in December, I have to start my Christmas decorations early or I won’t get any up! I also spend the actual Christmas period at my parents’, so I like to enjoy as much of the Christmas spirit at home as possible before I go :)

I spent quite a lot of time last weekend, in between searching for presents and party dresses, trying to find a wreath. This, from BHS, was about the closest I found to what I was looking for, but I very much wanted some pink and purple in mine, to match the colour scheme (pffft – the attempted colour scheme, that should be) in my flat!




There were also a few of this type around:


None of them took my fancy, so when Anna and I were out on Thursday, I bought a pack of baubles from Asda and some contrasting snowflake tinsel from the 99p shop (oh yes, super high end, that’s me!). Got home, dug out the florist’s wire I bought two years ago (I knew it’d come in handy one day!) and over a few dvds and lots of chatting, I made this (please excuse the cheesy pic of me):


I’m really quite proud! :D 


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9 responses to “Christmas Wreaths

  1. Craftyguider

    Gorgeous! You and the wreath!

  2. cheapncheerfulmummy

    Wonderful wonderful. Thank you for sharing

  3. annwainwright

    Is it difficult to make? Could you do a quick ‘how to’ guide perhaps?

    • I sort of made it up as I went along! I’ll try and make another one and post a how-to :) (in case you want to try in the meantime, essentially, I made a hoop out of florist’s wire twisted on itself, then attached the baubles (big ones first, working down to the smallest) with small pieces of wire twisted into the main hoop, then tweaked them with pliers so they faced where I wanted them to, then wrapped tinsel around it to hide the not very pretty twisty wire!)

  4. It looks really good :D Love the little snowflakes on it. Thank you muchly for your comment on my blog my dear :D I am reading + enjoying your blog too :) I must must must properly email or write soonly xxxx

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