Brief updates and a proper domain

Having a particularly crazy few weeks at the day job, so please excuse the lack of regular posts. On the plus side, I have finally pulled myself together and transferred my domain over here. So actually refers to all my posts and works properly, rather than just pointing here in a hopeful sort of way. I am ridiculously proud of this, as I worked it out without any guidance at all. *grin*

I’m still hunting for the perfect tablet, so I can blog on the move… no luck yet though. Tempted to hold out for the Kindle Fire, but I like both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HTC Flyer very much – guess I’ll see what prices do after Christmas.

Have been nesting a bit, got lots of candles out and am trying to light them in the evenings to make my living room feel cosier. I need a saddle for the ijoyride, it looks too much like a bit of gym equipment in my living room, but I use it little enough as it is – if it moves to the studio I’ll never use it!

Tomorrow’s last day at work for a few days, I have Thursday and Friday off and Anna’s coming down to visit :) Very excited, although feeling a bit guilty – we were going to be going away, but I’m so broke we’re using my flat as a base and doing stuff from there instead. I hope she isn’t disappointed! (although she’s one of the people in the world I could spend a week in a shed with and still have fun!)

Emotions a bit up and down for all sorts of reasons… exhaustion not helping. So on that note, I shall quit waffling and go to bed. Have remembered to take my SD card out of the laptop and put it back in the camera at least, so might even manage some photos later this week!



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3 responses to “Brief updates and a proper domain

  1. OK – you helped me with the handbag, now I need info on the ijoyride – is it as good as it looks? I have been after one for ages but have never taken the plunge because of price versus possible number of uses by a lazy person like myself. I would hope it makes exercising fun and like being on a horse but am probably sadly mistaken…

    • Hehe! It’s fabulous, although I’m seriously considering modifying mine with a saddle, lol – I got mine second hand off ebay as I couldn’t buy one new, it was £92 and I think it’s worth every penny. I have it in the living room so I can watch TV or listen to music while I exercise :) I should definitely use it more, but the lady who dropped it off for me had the most amazing physique and said she’d used it for fifteen minutes a day every day for two years :) Hope that helps! x

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