Homemade Sloe Gin (Vodka?)

Last weekend I was round at my parents’ house, and my uncle popped across with a bottle of sloe gin, for a sundowner in the unseasonably warm weather. We even coaxed Gran outside!

While we were drinking it, Mum and Dad remembered we had some homemade sloe alcohol kicking around the house, so Mum went and fetched it… and here it is:


And on closer inspection of that gorgeously retro Tesco vokda bottle…



Yep – almost exactly fifteen years old.  Which means I was still in primary school (just – I left in 1997) when they made this, which is muchly exciting! It tasted pretty good too – I’d go for the vodka over the gin, it’s slightly sweeter and suits my palate better.

Thrifty, homemade AND vintage… does it get better?!


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