My crafting mojo is back…

I’ve found it really hard to make time for crafting since I returned to working in London in March. I can just about crochet, knit or cross stitch on the train, but my work tends to get a bit grubby that way, and by the time i get home at 8ish, make and eat dinner, wash up and do a bit of housework, it’s time for bed. And that’s without meeting anyone or going to the park to skate for exercise.

So I was over the moon at managing an entire two hours in my studio yesterday evening. I was mostly playing with different effects with a host of stamps, inkpads and embossing powders that I’ve owned for a while but not had a chance to use. And then towards the end of the evening I made this…



Rubbish photo I know, but I was really pleased with it! That middle one is actually pale blue with tiny white flowers; the one on the right is cream and artistically smudged to give the look of a battered Beetle; and the one on the left is translucent and coloured with colouring pencils. It’s shrinky plastic, inspired by Jen over at On Diversion, and I’m fairly sure I’m addicted already :)

However, note to anyone wanting to play – if heating with a heat gun, make sure you have an acrylic block (or something else smooth, cool and flat) to squash it with, or it will set curled up. Also, if you forget to punch a hole, you cannot turn it into jewellery. Drilling it will result in either a) a ruined drill bit, coated in unremovable plastic; or b) small bits of shattered shrinky plastic EVERYWHERE. You have been warned :P

But I wore it all day today and it was a great feeling – had entirely forgotten how nice it is to be able to say “Thanks, I made it” when someone compliments something you’re wearing!


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One response to “My crafting mojo is back…

  1. kirosl

    hehe – I like :-) I haven’t actually got round to making any of mine into jewellery yet. I found if you heat in an oven you also need to flatten them when they comes out (I use a heat proof chopping board and a bunch of heavy books) as they curl afterwards. I haven’t tried coloured pencils – does the colour fix ok?

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