Projects in progress (craft and creative)

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I did an update on my creative projects in progress, possibly not since I moved the blog over to WordPress back in April, so here goes…

(and apologies in advance for the continued lack of photos – this is due to blogging on the go!)

Project Pin Up
 A joint project with Mimi from Little Sips of Tea, we are hoping to launch this inspirational blog/website sometime in October. Designs and scribbles are ongoing!

The typewriters
I never did blog these – bought them by accident at a car boot I went to with Mimi a while ago, and have just had a very exciting phone call from Mike at InkXS – he’s sending me ribbons for both of them so I can actually use them – I may never print a letter from my laptop again!

Teasets to Typewriters
A long-term project that is hopefully coming to fruition, this is the relaunch of Ducking Fabulous… only not as Ducking Fabulous. While I still adore making jewellery, and have a commission in the workings for @craftyguider, I don’t have time to make the level of stock I’d like to keep the shop open, and I’d always intended to branch out into vintage. So this is it – inspired by my typewriters, the new Etsy shop, to be launched towards the end of October/beginning of November, will stock vintage loveliness for you, your home and the people that make you happy, and in time will also stock Ducking Fabulous jewellery (made by me!) too, especially the upcycled/reworked/repurposed lines to fit with the vintage feel.

Freelancing for Helitech
Much as the day job is good experience in many ways, it’s not using my design skills even a quarter as much as I’d hoped it would, and as they need to be used in order to keep them fresh. So, I’ve started freelancing again (because I didn’t have enough projects already on the go) and have just completed some work for two companies attending Helitech. Follow up work for HeliExpo in February is expected, plus keeping an eye on their respective websites, and it’s all good for the portfolio too.

Dining room table
I have some completely gorgeous vintage-style wrapping paper which I want to attach to the surface of my very battered dining room table… but haven’t yet had the time to sand it down and buy some decent glossy varnish to cover it with – it needs to look pretty and have a wipe-clean surface!

I have been collecting quotes for a year or so to adorn my bookcases with… now I know which ones I want to use, I’m struggling to work out the best way of putting them there – do I handwrite with permanent markers, or decopatch first, or print and mod podge on… the possibilities are almost endless!

Heather’s wedding present
Hevsy occasionally reads my blog, as her wedding is featured on it here – so I can’t post a photo. But it’s getting there!

R2R art for the living room
This involves plotting the route on a giant map, somehow choosing some photos to be printed, working out how to frame 3D objects and retrieving Rusty’s number plate from Rob’s house (I ran away to cry at the end of the rally and forgot to pick up my plate. Yep, I am an idiot).

Amy Butler dress
This one’s ground to a complete halt because my sewing machine quit and I’ve not yet been able to fund a new one. I bought the pattern on my birthday back in February, and have a shortlist of fabrics I like, but I’m not actually buying the fabric till I can at least start on making the dress.

The studio
Filing cabinet is to arrive this week and be installed properly on Saturday; this will then at some point be decopatched to fit in with the rest of my décor. I need to move the rug under the desk and re-organise the boxes… would like to be able to pick up one box for one type of craft, ideally.

I also have lots of bits of ideas for smaller projects, but haven’t actually started any of them yet… I do feel I have my creative mojo back now though, which is always a good thing!

What works-in-progress do you have on the go?



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7 responses to “Projects in progress (craft and creative)

  1. Craftyguider

    Wow! When do you get time to eat and sleep? I have so much WIP. It mainly involves having an idea, buying the bits and having another one etc! Hubby is despairing over the dining/sewing room!

    • Haha… I eat pretty much constantly and I sleep when I can, and battle the insomnia in the process… which is why I’m permanently overtired!
      Tell hubby not to despair, he’s lucky to have such a fabulous and creative wife :P x

  2. I wrote a big long comment and then the WordPress box stopped working! Pah! Anyway I found 5 minutes again to say you’re not alone, when my list is written down it is terrifying!
    – 70% through a patchwork footstool
    – two dresses to alter (15% each)
    – An assortment of resin bits and bobs
    – Glass pebble jewellery (50% done)
    – A jewellery wholesale order (30% done)
    – A plique-a-jour pendant (90% done)
    – A badger stained glass patchwork art piece (60% done)
    I’ve also counted out jelly roll strips for another quilt project and marked them out but I’m not counting that one :D

    • Hehe Kerry, I found your blog post today very apposite… I pack a lot into my life but your to-do list scares me, lol! Is lovely you’re doing more jewellery stuff again by the sounds of things? x

  3. kirosl

    Hi Carla, I finally got round to setting up my new blog –

    Your projects all sound jolly exciting as usual :-) I’m pottering around with a few things in between job hunting. Been working on some poetry recently, collages with Japanese paper and a bit of horse resculpting (trying to learn how to do necks properly.) The broken arm has set me back a bit though!

    Soon I’ll be starting the preparation for this year’s nanowrimo.


    • Oh wow, I love your header on the new blog! :D Have added it to google reader, I love hearing about the stuff you get up to! Pesty broken arm – I hope it’s at least not too painful, as that really would be adding insult to injury :( I meant to email you and say I couldn’t find the url for that website, I think it may have been on my favourites on the laptop that exploded :( But will have a hunt later today as boss is away!

      What’re you writing in nanowrimo this year? Would you be up for a catchup in December maybe? xx

  4. Chloe

    Exciting projects in progress :D

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