October – the month of buying nothing unnecessary

I haven’t even looked at my bank account, because although today is pay day, I know that the total is going to be massively depressing (once I’ve extracted my monthly rent & bills, my £400 train ticket and my credit card bill). There is a transfer to be made from savings to cover the credit card (because it’s the flights from the rally), but otherwise it is what it is. Obviously I’ll be using the overdraft as I do most months but the intention is to bring this usage down slowly over the next few months. (with Christmas and my car insurance due… hah, who am I kidding?! But worth a try, certainly).

 So… Buy Nothing Unnecessary, aka phase 2 of Project Thrifty Chic. I have an enormous amount of stuff in my flat, most of which I don’t even know that I still own. Quite a lot of which is makeup – cue some more beauty blog posts!

I have some lovely things planned this month for which I’ve already budgeted, but outside of those I am going to try, very hard, for just one month, to not buy any more stuff. (I also have a freezer full of food, which I’m going to use up before buying any more. Apart from vegetables, which I’m nearly out of.)

 Now just to test this theory, I am going into town tomorrow (1st of the month… whoops) and there are some things I need while I’m there… I have a small separate budget for the beginnings of Teasets to Typewriters, but aside from stock/packaging for that (and the packaging I really should buy in relative bulk, online), I’m going to be good. Well, I’m going to try!

(and in the evenings, I intend to skate, blog, work on the secret projects ready for launch… lots of things! Hopefully none of which will involve too much money… also intend copious use of the slow cooker for both convenience and thrift :D )

PS I would apologise for the continued thrifty posts… but I keep getting good reactions so I won’t :)


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4 responses to “October – the month of buying nothing unnecessary

  1. I’ve been recording everything I spend and entering into 2 columns on a spreadsheets. So it’s either planned expenditure (petrol, Park and Ride, dance class) or unplanned. I’ve found that (a) I don’t like buying stuff if I’ve got to write it down and (b) I can clearly see where my money is going in the unplanned column. I seem to eat out way more than I thought I did.

  2. That sounds like something I should do… but I’m far too disorganised to do at the moment! Although I managed it quite well when I was doing the Life Audit… hmm.
    I definitely eat out way more than I thought I did… looking through last month’s bank statement, the majority of my ‘spare’ cash (and more than half the overdraft) was on eating out… oops.

  3. kirosl

    When I came back from travelling (and having lived out of a rucksack for 4 months) I had a massive desire not to possess any more stuff. Unfortunately it’s gradually worn off :-) And I can always justify buying craft-related equipment and books.

    • I’m not doing toooo badly so far.. may have succumbed to some (essential) whiteboard markers and some (decidedly non essential) pretty pens yesterday, but otherwise only spent on stuff I’d planned to. Still overdrawn already though :S

      I’d love to experience not wanting any more stuff… my problem is that as fast as I get rid of it, I replace it with more!

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