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Things that make me happy Thursdays

This week has been tinged with a great sadness – I lost a dear family friend who was like a second dad to me in the early hours of Tuesday morning. However, although I am desperately sad, there have still been things that have made me smile this week. It is, however, a very wordy Thursday because the internet here won’t let me upload pictures :(

  • Heather and Steve’s seaside wedding last Saturday. Honestly one of the most wonderful weddings I’ve ever been to – and I must have good taste in friends because my close friends always make the most superlatively radiant brides! Post to come.
  • Brunch after the wedding with Janine and Sean. Although they live the closest of all my friends, I don’t see them nearly enough and it was lovely to have a lazy brunch-lunch the morning after the wedding.
  • Brighton and Lou. Spending time with Lou is always inspiring in all sorts of ways, and I always come away fired up with plans and schemes and ideas. We spent a day ambling around Brighton looking at vintagey things and came away with some fabulous treasures and inspiration as always. Post to come.
  • The seaside. The golf course we’re staying at backs onto the sea, which was lovely anyway, but when I got the call from Dad on Tuesday morning, I needed to be by the sea. Being here, rather than stuck in London, meant I could escape for a long, long walk along the seafront to get my head together. I also snuck in a long skate along the seafront earlier in the week, when it was still sunny, which was fab but resulted in sunburn. Oops.
  • Finally reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which I have been meaning to read for ever. It’s utterly gorgeous, along a similar premise to 84 Charing Cross Road which is one of my favourite books, and I adore it.

I’m sure there have been other things, but as it’s also been a sad week, I’ll leave it there for now. Hope your weeks have been full of wonderful things!

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Almost over

It’s strange – I was dreading this week, so much so that on the drive down I nearly had to stop to be sick, I was so nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect, I wasn’t massively fancying spending an entire week in close proximity with my boss and some colleagues, all male, who I don’t know very well, and there were the usual concerns I always have about my eating issues and sleep talking.


And yet – despite the unbearably sad news I got on Tuesday, in every other respect I’ve surprised myself enormously by really enjoying the week! The people at the golf club we’re staying at are lovely, my colleagues have been lovely (three of us went out for dinner and drinks last night and I feel more like I belong now) and I’ve totally unexpectedly fallen in love with this little section of the Kent coast. It’s beautiful.


I will be sad to leave this evening – but I know I’ll be back, it just won’t be for golf next time!


(Photo posts to come – internet’s been a bit intermittent and I’ve been much shorter of time than expected!)

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I *love* rollerskating

Rollerskating is definitely my new favourite thing. I’ve waffled about it on here before. I’m so glad I took the plunge and bought my own skates – completely in love with them! When I’m better at actually skating I shall decoupage them so they’re unique, but for now here they are…

I’ve been several times to my outdoor ‘rink’ – the last time I was significantly out-skated by a guy on rollerblades, not that he knew I was watching! Trying to be inspired rather than intimidated, lol! I also popped out to my local indoor rink on adults only night (the theory being that if I fell over and squashed anyone, I’d feel less guilty squashing an adult than a ten-year-old!) and tried to teach myself turning, stopping and backwards crossovers. I might have also developed a minor girl-crush on a fabulously talented but very nonchalant girl there – she was amazing! (for clarity and the pedants, girl-crush in that I wanted to BE her for a little while, not be with her).

 I was sort of getting there but feeling muchly frustrated, and then someone very patiently showed me what I was doing wrong (aside from losing my nerve just before spinning, which I already knew I was doing) – I was trying to cross over the wrong way, and I have a lazy left leg. Bells are ringing in my head from when I learned to skate the first time, so I’m now working on crossing my left leg over my right at every available opportunity… and awaiting a chance to go out and practise!

(Ok, I know, gratuitous skating post… but I love it more than I thought possible AND I’m getting some much needed exercise!)

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The Blue Hair

Wigs. They seem to have popped up in conversation a lot recently… people wearing them, buying them, talking about buying them, talking about wearing them.

I have been in love with the idea of blue hair (electric blue, not halfhearted blue) for years now, but have never been brave enough to attempt bleaching my very dark brown hair light enough to cope with electric blue. Then I got my current job, in which blue hair probably equals no job quite quickly!

So after asking around I had a look at Lulu’s wigs on ebay. They were very reasonable and had some fantastic colours, so I ordered one. I originally went for this one:


When it arrived,it was lovely, but I realised I should have gone for one which was the same length as my own hair, otherwise it’d be super-obvious. So I went for the longer blue – they have a fantastic policy of exchanging your wig as long as it hasn’t been worn. And I fell utterly in love as soon as the longer one arrived!

And here is me, wearing it…

Please excuse the shocking self-portrait – I’m planning a proper shoot with it soon but am short on time till mid-September :(

A hairdresser now working at MAC in Reading recognised it as a wig, but did ask if it was colour or a wig and said he loved it *grin* and I’ve worn it out a couple of times and think it’s realistic enough… obviously people who see me regularly realise I don’t have bangs all the time lol! But it’s fantastic fun and it’s a great way of boosting my confidence on those days where you just aren’t quite in the mood to be the life and soul of the party… :)

If any of you guys wear wigs… I’d love to see the results!


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Fling fabulousness 2011

Oh, how do I describe the wonder that is the Fling? Here’s the website and last year’s video, for a flavour…

2010 Fling goodness…

Last year there were a few of us. This year, there were a LOT of us. I had the obligatory zebra picture (I want to take that zebra home – suggestions on a postcard as to how I can smuggle him home please) on my own and with other people. I’ll just post the one for now…

me with the zebra - the equivalent pic last year is one of my favourite photos of all time

(I could do a separate outfit-of-the-day post, but I won’t… the corset is one from a boutique in Loughborough, the skirt is a vintage French Connection one, bracelet is my favourite steampunk-ish one which I bought from a car boot sale a while ago and while I’d usually wear heels with such an ensemble, the flipflops are gold leather ones from New Look. Comfortable and much more appropriate for ambling around a field! (I actually spent a lot of time barefoot… it’s that sort of a place where you feel more at one with everything minus your shoes. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway.)

A ridiculous number of my favourite people in the world were there, and it was so gorgeous to catch up in such an amazing atmosphere. There aren’t really words to describe the Fling, it’s just magical… seven hours of wonder and escapism, and there really is something for everyone.

Lou and Kelly getting into the festival spirit

I did less activities this year than last year, because I was having so much fun catching up with everyone, Pimms in hand, and just soaking up the ambience to sustain me through another year… the weeks after the Fling feel distinctly tedious.

There was music, wordsmiths, burlesque (squee!), sewing workshops, clay, more music, a beach, random performers, a peep show, a silent disco, a fire garden, and far too many wonderful things to mention. My personal favourite was the fairy crown workshop, run by the Fairyland Trust, who do some fantastic conservation work throughout the UK, as well as raising awareness and working with children to preserve our woodland and learn the magic of nature. Our crown-making workshop (complete with storytime!) is usually aimed at 7 year olds, but I fell totally in love with my crown and will be renewing the willow base with season-appropriate foliage for each of the eight season celebrations through the year. I always mark them in my diary but never actually do anything to mark the festivals. And I’d like to.

I was so chuffed with my crown... do I look fairy-like?

(unrelatedly, this photo shows I’ve achieved a lifelong ambition of having my hair so long it doesn’t always fit in photos. Yay!) I am nowhere near as trashed as I look, either – it’s just the sun in my eyes. Honestly!

Here are a selection of photos that made me smile – I’ve not seen the ones taken by other people yet, but I’ll remember this Fling forever… and I’ll be at the next one come hell or high water! Sending huge hugs to everyone who came this year, it was even more fabulous with you all there :) And my apologies for my waffly lack of eloquence, it really does defy words. But it makes me quite ridiculously happy!

Me with Karen - being experienced Fling-ers!

Naomi sewing :)

Me with Janine and Heather. Lovely Heather is getting married next weekend!

Wendy and Apryl with the results of their sewing workshop

There are quite a few more pics – more than last year! Waiting to get hold of Lou’s and anyone else’s too, and then I shall sneak a link to a Flickr album into a future post. Massive thanks to Nastassia, Anna and their team at Chelmsford Borough Council – you guys have done an incredible job and made a large number of people very happy. Should any of you lovely readers be in Chelmsford in July next year – go. Really, it’s a perfect seven hours.[Edit March 2012: due to the Olympic Flame celebrations, the Fling will next be held in July 2013.]

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made it home for #bbloggers!!

Aw, was a bit late but made it home for #bbloggers this evening – discussing blog layouts… the good, the bad and the ugly :)

Will be back with some posts after the chat and washing up!


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