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Book: Contemporary Lingerie Design by Katie Dominy

So I mentioned this briefly in a previous post and promised a more in-depth look at it. It was a complete impulse buy, Lou and I wandered into this bookshop (shamefully I don’t remember what it was called, although I could walk you to it) just before we left Brighton (me to depart for Heather’s wedding, Lou to head home on the train). I wasn’t even looking for a book (inasmuch as I wasn’t looking for a specific book – I’m such an addict that I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for new books to read and to add to my collection).


We gravitated towards the fashion/design/craft section, as we always do, and spotted this.



I ummed and aahhed for about two seconds, then realised I had to have it, it was one of those kind of books. Gorgeously put together, interesting and informative, and actually relevant, I’ve been thinking about expanding both Ducking Fabulous and Checks and Roses to handmade floozy knickers for ages now. I say expand… I need to actually fill the shop up before I can talk about expanding.  Anyway.


So inside the book are interviews with lots of contemporary lingerie designers from all over the world. The interviews are interspersed with fabulous photographs, sketchs, inspiration, mood boards and so on which gives what feels like a real insight into the design process. Obviously more detail would be even more fabulous, but a book containing the level of detail I’m after would be about 1000 pages thick!


For obvious reasons (the skates… the SKATES!!), this is my favourite page of the entire book. But here are some more (gorgeous) spreads to give you an idea of what it’s like inside – for more you’ll have to buy the book!






I’ve found it incredibly inspirational from a business point of view as well as a designing-pretty-things-and-knickers point of view. Would love to know if any of you have also read it and what you thought, or if there are any other similar books out there – either around the same subject, or a similar layout and approach but a different subject!


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I haven’t run away…

But I have had a mad week (and considerable difficulty adjusting to not being at CAE anymore. Honestly the best weekend I’ve ever had, I think).

Anyway, I’ll be posting all the posts I’ve been drafting this week, this weekend (wow, that was terrible grammar) :) And you never know, I might even find time to schedule some for next week too!

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Things that make me happy Thursday

This is really all about CAE – the happiest weekend I’ve had in a very long time.

Meeting up with old friends and making new friends
Swimming and hot tubbing at daft o clock in the morning
Laughing – I giggled so much last weekend
Driving with the roof down
Driving to the weekend in convoy and chucking jelly babies between the cars, while singing at the top of my voice
Having my best friend in the car with me for lots of the weekend
Driving with the roof down in convoy with 30-odd other cars filled with some of my favourite people in the world
Realising I’ve achieved a lifetime ambition of having waist length hair
My new vintage-style swimsuit from Floozie

And then after the weekend…

Buying a car for the rally – we’re definitely,actually, really going! It’s a 1996 Laguna – squee!
Impromptu shopping trips with Julia to buy exciting stuff for our new flats (well, mine’s the same flat, but you know what I mean)
Work is improving – I feel less out of my depth and more like I belong.

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Haul Post – clothes

I was looking for printed skirts. I failed, apart from one…

*pic – pink and black printed skirt*


But did manage a fair bit of other shopping…

A dress, which is one of those ones that looks much better on than on the hanger. But don’t you love the print and the colours?!



A whole bunch of strappy tops, of which this is easily my favourite:


Cardigans (I love the kitschness of the hearts and the retro appeal of the spots. And the orange one weirdly just looks awesome on)

DSCF7729 DSCF7731 DSCF7730 


Also a couple of comfy yet stylish stripy jumpers, shoes which I’ve already blogged about and some vintage goodness. Happy days!

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Haul Post – footwear

So Mum and I went shopping today. Oops.

In my haul for the feet:

Zip heels – these are mad, but gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable so far – we’ll see how they stand up to a day at the office and a night out!





Vaguely vintage boots

These were definitely my bargain of the day, at £7 it would have been rude not to by them!




Sigh, I do love shoes. So much.


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Vintage/thrifted finds this week

A mixture of locations this week, I snuck into town while the boys were out playing golf just once during my time at the Open, but in the couple of hours I was there found an utterly gorgeous green tea dress with laced detail back. It is so unassuming on the hanger that I’ve failed to get a decent picture of it, but will put it on and shoot it soon :)

I also nearly bought a 50s tablecloth with pub signs on it from Vintage By The Sea, but couldn’t justify £25 on a tablecloth and the proprietor’s attitude changed a bit when she realised I was uncertain about buying it, which put me off. The shop, on the other hand, was so pretty I had to take photos (not very good ones, I admit):






Then while I was out with Mum on Saturday, I found:

Polka dot work dress:



Donkey cross stitch kit


Vintage glass jelly mould – which is going to look awesome in my kitchen!

jelly mould


Sewing book – this is both wonderfully nostalgic and completely hilarious, it has sections in it for things like ‘The Tummy-bulge Type!’ and ‘The Half-size, or Diminutive Type’ which cracked me up!


Inside detail:


I’m going to try and make something from this and see how good their advice is – it was published in 1958-1960 so will be interesting to see what’s changed (if anything!)


Also picked up a couple of particularly pretty scarves:


and of course there are my bottles and tin from Brighton. A good week for thrifting, I’m sure you’ll agree!

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Inspiring Brighton

I adore Brighton. I don’t go very often, but whenever I do I bounce around like a lunatic before the trip, and I’m just so excited while I’m there. It’s full of the most gorgeous shops, people and things.

This time, as before I went with lovely Lou, who is also fabulously inspiring. We had somewhat of a pin-up inspired day, and I came home with three prints and two sheets of wrapping paper covered in vintage style pin up ladies (my three prints are all Gil Elvgren, I have a book of his which I also adore). Photos of these are being withheld until I’ve finished redecorating my flat in August, as they feature quite heavily!

Following the theme, I found a beyond gorgeous book just before we left, about lingerie design and construction. Which sounds quite weird, but with Floozie Friday and all, and having a couple of talented sewists in my circle of close friends, I think it’s high time we branched out into making knickers! More of that to come… but here’s the book and its amazon link, everyone who loves sewing should own a copy. It’s almost like a blog in book form, beautifully put together.




Longer review to come :)

We found a cat in a (different) bookshop, too:


We did some of the antique/flea markets too (although I could happily spend six weeks doing those, I swear… I never see everything!) and Lou found the perfect vintage dress, while I found a fabulous tin that once housed saddle soap, and a collection of old glass bottles (which I really hope have survived the journey home from Brighton via Kent to Essex :S) Planning to display them in my living room, possibly as vases, possibly on their own. :)





How was I supposed to resist a glass bottle that said ‘Princess Alice’?! (centre of bottom row)

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Random happy Thursday things

Happy Thursdays notes I’ve found in my notebook and on my phone – that I can’t remember if I’ve already blogged about!


  • a man in a bowler hat and gloves showing people into a venue in London, on my walk home one evening. He was like a caricature come to life!
  • Supportive Twitter friends
  • Sunshine at last (yeah, not so much now it’s chucking it down every ten minutes)
  • different coloured toenails
  • magazine stand at whitecross market
  • a girl with an Amy Butler bag in the same carriage as me on the train
  • a man using a fountain pen on the way home from work for random notes
  • Hotel Chocolate giving me free chocolate to taste whenever I go in

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Heather and Steve’s vintage seaside wedding

Definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to. The ceremony was small and intimate, and we were invited to the reception to help them celebrate. Hevs said she was looking forward to celebrating ‘with all my favourite people’ which I thought was really lovely.


Here are the bride and groom, my first glimpse of them together, cutting their (completely amazing) giant cupcake on top of the stack of Mr-Whippy-style cupcakes (complete with Flake in each one!)


And the obligatory (but very lovely) kiss:


Heather’s dress was Biba, and the whole wedding had an incredible vibe. It was held at the Bluebird Cafe in Ferring, between Brighton and Worthing, right on the sea. They arrived and departed in a sky blue VW campervan, which they are currently honeymooning in at a selection of festivals.



And with the gorgeous bride (left to right me, Heather, Janine)



Their guestbook was a selection of postcards with a box to post them in and a line at the window with little pegs to hang them all. I know mine was fairly sappy, but I didn’t record exactly what i wrote.



They had the first dance, with a live band and singer, and then we all joined them in dancing the night away and taking photos and generally having a wonderful time!


I took a lot of pictures, and will link to the Flickr album when I’ve had a chance to edit and upload them all!

And just to top it off, I got to rollerskate along Worthing seafront AND meet Janine and Sean for a long lazy brunch the next day before heading off to work. Utterly, utterly wonderful weekend. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tilley – I’m proud to have been part of your celebrations!

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Letters – real ones!

I had two letters this week, and a parcel – I feel so loved!

The first was a response to a ‘bon voyage’ card I’d sent to a dear friend of mine who is now in Australia and New Zealand for a month. I miss her already and she only went on Tuesday!

dan letter (2)

dan letter (1)


The second was a lovely newsy note from Chloe, who is my most regular letter writing friend. We also speak via twitter, text, forum, email, phone (and in real life when we can, although we live so far away from each other that doesn’t happen often enough!) but letters are my favourite way of being in touch :)

chloe letter (1)

chloe letter (2)


My parcel was entirely unexpected, and was from the lovely Viki to say she is thinking of me and to send me beads and a squishy pony! I am ashamed to say I was so excited to have a parcel I forgot to take a photo of it before I opened it *blush*. Photos to follow :)


So my plan is to write some letters today, and then find some little somethings to include when I send them. In Viki’s case, I’d quite like to also send her Christmas and birthday presents – I am such a rubbish friend when it comes to being prompt with dates!

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