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Paved wth good intentions…

So about two weeks ago, I made a decision, and as part of this decision, I was going to blog more. Blog more, photograph more, write more, comment more, record more. Have I actually managed any of these things? Not yet. Hmph.

In my defence, work has been super-busy, the trains were so delayed last night I didn’t get home until the time I usually go to bed, last week was just chock-full of celebratory things so I didn’t go near my laptop and I’ve also had a couple of crisises (crises?) to deal with.

But I have been lurking when I can on the forums I frequent (even if the inhabitants of one of them are definitely going to kill me when they find out I’m not coming to the latest meet *blush*) and I’ll be back to posting soon, I hope.

Very chuffed to be one of the top ten posters in the Sunday before last’s #bbloggers chat – I’m one of the Gobby Fivesome, hell yeah!!

And on that note, I shall be off.

P.S. I went skating today. But was out-skated by a really cute guy on blades. Who had decided to use the same place I do to skate outdoors. I need to practise more so I can hold my own!

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the importance of being friends*

I think it’s completely impossible to overstate the importance of friends. All sorts of friends, in your life for all sorts of reasons. Some drift in and out, some are there forever, all are essential to life. Without mine, I would, quite simply, not be here.

I’m particularly lucky in that I have a large number of very dear friends. I don’t tell them nearly enough how much they mean to me and how overwhelmed I am at their continued presence in my life, or how lost I would be without them. But then I’m already considered the sappy emotional one, so that’s probably not a terrible thing! And I’m sure most of them know exactly how much they mean to me.

Much of the time, friendship just ticks along… lovely, but standard. You arrange stuff, you cancel stuff, you call friends to moan about your day. Then you hit a rocky patch in life and suddenly there they are, clustered around you, helping you through it in a myriad of ways. Not just the major rocky patches either, the little ones too. (Actually sometimes it’s the smaller ones that show you the true friends – lots of people will get involved in a major trauma just for the drama of it. The ones who care about the tiny things that make you sad are the ones who truly care about you.)

This week, the early part of which was hellish, my housemate and best friend has listened patiently and offered advice and a shoulder to cry on, despite having an infinitely more stressful job herself; another old and dear friend has let me ramble almost non-stop in texts without ever once judging me, yawning or not replying with wise and sympathetic words. A friend I miss a completely ridiculous amount since I left my old job replied to an email and made me genuinely smile for the first time in days. And unexpectedly, in the midst of a particularly stressful day, a new colleague suggested going for a drink after work to de-stress. We drank, and we chatted, and she reassured me, and we gossiped about girlie stuff (no mean feat as the majority of our colleagues are blokes) and it made me feel eight squillion times better. And work today was better for having a friend in it.

Annie once told me that people come into your life ‘for a reason, a season or forever’. I’m finding it to be truer by the day. So treasure the ones you have, don’t let go of them too easily, and always be open to the possibility of new ones, however unlikely the situation seems.

(*I know, I must get better at titling my posts!)


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Happy Thursdays

  • a lovely colleague bringing us all rock from Brighton. ROCK. So summery!
  • getting the giggles (proper ones) with people in the office – maybe I do fit in a bit, after all
  • sitting in a roofless Poppy, stretching my legs after a skate, watching the sunset on summer solstice evening
  • Caitlin’s email which brought an actual smile to my face after a day of hell
  • Pink, purple and turquoise fountain pens for work, so they don’t go walkies (boys don’t like writing in pink, haha)
  • Theatre and dinner with my girlies on Saturday – completely gorgeous if a little bit bittersweet, I’d managed to forget how much I miss them
  • my accidental blue scarf – realised on the train my dress was much too low-cut, Sar suggested a scarf, I found a perfect one (blue paisley) in the sale at the station and it worked beautifully with the blue dress I was wearing!
  • unexpected drink and chat after work with a colleague/friend who made me feel so much better
  • a revelation about a postcard
  • my MP3 player is working again after a prolonged sulk – the music on it is a bit out of date but I can block out the pesky commuters!
  • I entered a competition to win a classic Pashley bike – crossing everything to win, I adore them!

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Adobe Illustrator Tip: Turning Your Sketches into Vector Art

Not that I can use Illustrator yet – but this is really handy :)

Adobe Illustrator Tip: Turning Your Sketches into Vector Art.

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Meet a Shutterstock Contributor: Binkski

Stumbled across this, through an email I get to my work account updating me on stock images and illustrations.

The first photo, of the caravan and the horse, blew me away… the illustrations and other photos are also fabulous.

I *really* hope he has a blog!

Meet a Shutterstock Contributor: Binkski.

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It’s the simple things…

So yesterday was super-stressful and today I just had loads to do… and then this evening after dinner I put my outdoor wheels onmy skates, put the roof down on the car, drove up to the train station and skated with headphones in for half an hour. Then sat in my car looking up at the sky and the gorgeous colours the dusk was making, and I felt the happiest and most content I have in several weeks :)

It really is the little things in life that make me happiest, I think.

(idiot me didn’t take a camera so will do my best to recreate the scene tomorrow evening when I get in from work…)

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how much fun was #bbloggers?!

I feel I have to post, just to say how inspirational and useful and generally lovely it was – is the first one I’ve been around for the whole thing AND been brave enough to actually take part – and I’ve found a whole host of fabulous people in the process!

Off to have toast for dinner and then going to go and catch up on all the links and followers :D So exciting!

(and I’m even more chuffed because no one kicked me out for being a lifestyle rather than a devoted beauty blogger – you lot are lovely!)


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Blue hair and cocktails and theatre…

I’ve had a lovely celebratory weekend so far – Friday night out with Lizzy for her 21st, wearing my blue hair… which was really fun! Then last night a group of us went for dinner and to the theatre to see the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, put on at the Chelmsford Civic Theatre by Springers . I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was FABULOUS! Had so much fun  – in the words of a friend, “I had a ridiculously good time tonight” :)

Definitely think I’ll be hunting down the film to watch, and it’s made me want a corset and frilly knickers even more than I already did – lol!

Today I’m off to Colchester Zoo with Mum & Dad – it’s Father’s Day, and Dad said he’d rather like to go to the zoo and visit Mum’s meerkat (a 60th birthday present from her office) so I’m taking my camera and crossing my fingers the weather behaves!

In crafty news, I’ve rejoined Crafter…oo! and am determined not to let life get in the way of me being active on it this time – likewise with a couple of other forums I’ve drifted from recently.

Right, best go and wrap Dad’s pressie and get ready for them to pick me up – pics tomorrow!

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Things that make me happy Thursdays

A random selection this week… it’s been an odd sort of week but there have still been things to smile about!

  • Today is Lizzy’s 21st. Squee! Happy birthday chica! Cocktails tomorrow… and blue hair!
  • Corsets – I love them! Hoping to order a couple for the Fling and Heather’s wedding
  • lying in the sun on the floor at lunchtime, making notes and not caring what people think
  • being super-inspired for all my different projects and making tonnes of plans
  • BBQing in the rain for my Gran’s 82nd birthday
  • Rollerskating… I can still do it! Eeeeee! And flying round the rink is definitely one of the best feelings in the world
  • 2 new members for etc – and it’s only our first exhibition! now planning lots of other things to do with it
  • dinner with an old friend who now lives abroad – these catchups are glorious but all too rare
  • seeing my advert published in an email *pic*
  • my housemate finishing an assignment, thus giving us an excuse to go out for dinner
  • the Fling is coming…
  • hunting for cars for the rally – found a Golf which would be awesome
  • have survived the day job for three months this week
  • as mentioned in a previous post, the and damnyouautocorrect websites – so much inappropriate but much-needed laughter!
  • a girl on the tube this morning wearing the MOST gorgeous vintage lace dress, with her hair in victory rolls, bright red lipstick and carrying a parasol. I wanted to be her!!
  • My blackbird popped up on my way to work this morning too – I thought he’d abandoned me since the rain arrived!
  • My friends are amazing – able to improve my mood even if I’ve had the day from hell and am all emotional and rubbish. I obviously know this anyway, but it’s wonderful to be reminded.


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silly sites and happy things

Today I discovered Clients From Hell. It was both hilarious and comforting… lots of creative people have to deal with difficult people on a daily basis! I can’t even pick a favourite, they all made me giggle… go look, especially if you’re a design freelancer or a creative in a non-creative business. I guarantee it will make you feel better.

After the majority of the day was over, there was a team meeting which I couldn’t make partly due to being not that useful (I’ve not been here long and marketing is separate from the team, so I wouldn’t have much to contribute to the discussion) and partly because someone needed to stay here and answer the phones. I did a lot of work during this chunk of alone time in the office, much of it design (because it’s SO NICE to have peace and quiet and uninterrupted time to really get to grips with an ad – it’s almost impossible to produce decent quality design work in a non-creative environment when you’re asked to buy cake or book flights just at the crucial point when you’re having a breakthrough with whatever it is you’re designing).

However, I needed a break and so I had a quick nose through DamnYouAutoCorrect. I had forgotten how much this cracked me up – and although there were only three of us left on the entire floor, I still had to hold back the snorty giggles… and dear god, I don’t think there’s anyone or anything in the world that has that hysterical effect on me quite so quickly! Secret weapon for next time I have a bad day, definitely!

In other news, I’m waiting for the estate agents to get back to me on my flat – they wanted fees of £204 including VAT to produce a new agreement and re-reference me so I can continue living in the same flat I currently reside in, once Julia moves out. I don’t mind paying a fee for this service, but that is a completely ridiculous amount of money for sending a few letters and altering and printing a mailmerge document (the tenancy agreement). So hopefully they’ll come back to me with a revised, more sensible fee.

Have been drafting Things that make me happy Thursdays, and despite having been in a really odd mood for several days now, there’s actually quite a lot that does make me happy. I must try taking some photos to go with those posts soon, actually…

After work I had dinner with a very old friend who now lives in Germany, and it was gorgeous to catch up! We chatted till daft o’clock, completely put the world to rights (at high speed – there’s always so much to catch up on) and promised not to leave it so long next time. :D

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